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Golf Wedges

High Performance Golf Wedges

Golf wedges are not to be overlooked on the course and are vital for playing the short game. Ideal for chipping up & down the rough and from sand bunkers, at ABC we have a fantastic range of high-performance golf wedges to cover all scenarios. With leading brand names including Callaway, Mizuno, Titleist and Wilson, you’ll find options to suit every golfer.

Our great range includes more traditional bladed wedges as well as cavity wedges, and a wide selection of pitching wedges, sand wedges, gap wedges and lob wedges to help you improve your game. As with all our equipment, if you have any questions about the golf wedges for sale please contact one of our customer care team – we’re always on hand to offer advice.

Hi-Tech Golf Wedges

It makes sense to have a variety of wedges with you to tackle any shot you might land, and the right equipment will give you a better change of lowering your score. For precision and accuracy we like the Mizuno MP-T4 Golf Wedge. With a Grain Glow Forged feel and a soft teardrop profile you can have greater control over distance and a less punishing play on turf. The MP-T4 also creates an elevated backspin and comes with variable lofts. Custom assembled to meet a set specification, this golf wedge comes in a stylish black nickel or white satin finish.

For reliable performance try the Cleveland Golf 588 RTX Wedge. Combining all the legendary performance of the 588 with the latest hi-tech spin performance, you’re sure to keep this wedge with you for plenty of rounds. A specialist Rotex face adds extra roughness for maximum spin, added durability and even more friction at point of impact. With a true Temper Dynamic Gold Shaft and larger grooves to increase spin you’ll be on point for scoring those critical shots.

Industry leaders PING have created the new PING Tour Wedge to maximise spin for greater control & consistency. This new high performance wedge features Gorge Grooves for tight tolerance to give maximum spin, and a variety of sole options to ensure your wedge is well suited to your approach angle. Crafted from 17-4 stainless steel with a rubberised grip, you can play with superior performance for a smoother flow.

As well as great quality wedges from Mizuno and PING we also stock options from Callaway, Wilson and Titleist featuring the latest technology to fit your swing style and shot technique.