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2016 GreenWay 3 Wheel Mens Push/Pull Golf Trolley

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2016 GreenWay 3 Wheel Pull/Push Golf Trolley

Keep yourself fresh and relaxed on the course with this amazing 3 Wheel Push/Pull trolley from one of the market leaders in golf trolleys.


  •   Three Wheels (all removable for more space in the car)
  •   Quick Release 10 inch Detachable Easy Glide Wheels
  •   Two Hand Wide Soft Grip Multi Function Handle -
  •   Handle features: Rain Proof Score Card Clear Flap, Align Ball Tool, Scorecard Pencil, Ball Marker, & Tees Holder
  •   Adjustable bag support (adjustable bracket securing wings  )
  •   Foot operated brake
  •   Simple Snap Together System With Quick Together Lock Design
  •   Large soft grip handle for extra comfort
  •   4 x Height Handle Adjuster   
  •   Compact When Collapsed
  •   Folded Dimensions: 89cm x 42cm x 47cm  
  •   Push design prevents twisting of the upper body
  •   Easy quick assembly
  •   Colour: Black (stainless steel frame)
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