Should You Wear Golf Shirts? What To Know Before You Buy!

Before you go shopping, take a peek at this quick guide to golf shirts from Rock Bottom Golf. Some golfers start without wearing specific golf clothes. There isn’t a strict uniform for golfers, but most follow certain clothing rules for good manners and tradition.

Whether you’re an experienced golfer or just getting into the game, golf shirts are a great choice for any style – whether you prefer a casual, sporty, or preppy look. Initially, golf clothes were meant to shield golfers from the weather, but they’ve changed a lot in both looks and usefulness since way back in the Middle Ages.

Understanding the history of golf shirts and how they fit into golf fashion can help you realize their importance for your comfort and success while playing. And we’ll also check out some of the best shirts available in the golf market, all at affordable prices from Rock Bottom Golf.

What are Golf Shirts?

Back in the day, the earliest golf shirts were pretty basic – just shirts with stiff collars and ties. Golfers in Scotland even wore heavy jackets made of tweed to stay cozy in all sorts of weather.

As golf evolved and fashion changed in the 1900s, golfers switched to wearing vests with single-breasted jackets. For a long time, a common style in golf fashion was wearing a shirt and tie, sometimes with a warm jacket or a knitted cardigan for chilly days on the course. But things started to shift after the super-hot 1933 US Open. Some golfers decided to go for more relaxed, lighter clothes. And that became a new trend that stuck around.

Polo Golf Shirts

Polo golf shirts stand out for their enduring charm and adaptability. Their name stems from polo, yet they've found a sweet spot in golf fashion for their comfort and sophisticated appearance. These shirts boast breathable fabrics, ensuring comfort during extended hours on the course while retaining a polished style. Their versatility makes them a go-to choice for golfers aiming for a classic yet functional look. Crafted from materials that prioritize airflow, polo golf shirts offer a balance of style and practicality, embodying a timeless elegance that resonates with golfers seeking both comfort and a refined aesthetic on the greens.

What are the Best Options in Golf Shirts for Men

Men's golf shirts come in various designs, catering to different preferences and playing conditions. Some prefer classic designs with minimal embellishments, while others opt for bold colors or patterns that reflect their style on the course. Manufacturers understand the diverse needs of male golfers and offer an extensive range of options to suit every taste.

Under Armour Golf Shirt

Under Armour Golf Shirts

Under Armour makes golf shirts with fancy fabrics that keep you dry, comfy, and shielded from the sun. They're big on making clothes that work well and look cool, so lots of guys who play golf like wearing them.

Callaway Golf Shirts

Callaway, a famous name in golf, creates shirts that are great for playing. They use materials that soak up sweat and let you move without feeling stuck. These shirts make you look sharp while you're out on the course, which is why many guys who love golf pick them.

Greg Norman Golf Shirts

Greg Norman, a big deal in golf, has his own line of shirts that are super fancy and work great too. They use top-notch fabrics that keep you dry, safe from the sun, and feeling fresh. These shirts are a hit with guys who really care about both style and playing well on the golf course.

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Golf shirts aren't just clothes; they're super important for golfers. They don't just make you look good but also help you play better on the course. Whether you like the classic polo style or the fancy features from brands like Under Armour, Callaway, or Greg Norman, there's a ton of choices for every golfer out there.

When you're picking a golf shirt, think about stuff like what it's made of, how well it works when you play, if it fits you nicely, and if the brand is known for making good stuff. A good shirt doesn't just make you look sharp but also helps you feel comfy and play better while you're out enjoying your game.